Eric and Sean port the farth kimono... or whatever.

January 10, 2021

Episode 123 - Quadritorti

Eric and Sean find a manhole in the woods. There are some tortoises yelling at a masked man. Then, they discuss what survival items they'd take on the show Alone.

Why is this a show?

Big thanks to Reasun for the use of his killer track "My City" from his newly released solo album "Resolve"! Congrats on your first album, Reasun! Get over to his Bandcamp and buy a copy immediately.

Eric and Sean escaped from the mall! Bits of squirrel, creek water, s'mores, Dragon Ball Z Talk with Eric, and that's about it.

A ghostly apparition visits the boys under the Century III Mall.

Big thanks to @Scottyemo for joining us on this episode on his way to the world record of podcast appearances! We wish him luck! If you enjoyed him, check out his many podcasts at! I know we sure did!!

Eric and Sean finally learn why they've been imprisoned.

Brought to you by an insane conspiracy between two psychos.

Eric and Sean eat and drink and then talk about lawn mowing.

Brought to you by mashed potatoes and dripping water.

Eric and Sean come across another podcaster locked in Bill Lawyerson's horrible torture dungeon! It's Reid Messerschmidt from The Irrationally Exuberant! A Podcast! But also art!

Mashed potatoes, Sue Messerschmidt, creaky snakes, Barnsville Potato Days, lactose ignorant, vegan farts, sextra credit... and that's not even the half of it.

Brought to you by a sinking realization that we're never getting out of this alive.

Huge thanks to Reid Messerschmidt for being on the podcast! And this week's podcast you should have been listening to instead of listening to this podcast is The Irrationally Exuberant Podcast with none-other-than Reid Messerschmidt! It's a brilliant podcast with short stories written and performed by Reid! I recommend you start with "Messerschmish", but you can do whatever you want. You're a whole human being with agency.

Eric and Sean are still trapped.

Brought to you by a downward spiral into craven lunacy.

Eric and Sean are tied to chairs.

Brought to you by rapidly encroaching madness.

Send help.


This week's podcast you should have been listening to instead of listening to this podcast is DING! Find them at

Eric and Sean wake up in a dungeon.

Brought to you by the fever dreams of a madman.

Big thanks to Moemaw Naedon for the unreasonably hard track "The Other Side"! Get more track from his Bandcamp page!

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