January 10, 2021

Episode 123 - Quadritorti

Eric and Sean find a manhole in the woods. There are some tortoises yelling at a masked man. Then, they discuss what survival items they'd take on the show Alone.

Why is this a show?

Big thanks to Reasun for the use of his killer track "My City" from his newly released solo album "Resolve"! Congrats on your first album, Reasun! Get over to his Bandcamp and buy a copy immediately.

Eric and Sean escaped from the mall! Bits of squirrel, creek water, s'mores, Dragon Ball Z Talk with Eric, and that's about it.

A ghostly apparition visits the boys under the Century III Mall.

Big thanks to @Scottyemo for joining us on this episode on his way to the world record of podcast appearances! We wish him luck! If you enjoyed him, check out his many podcasts at aloadofpurebs.com! I know we sure did!!

Eric and Sean finally learn why they've been imprisoned.

Brought to you by an insane conspiracy between two psychos.

Eric and Sean eat and drink and then talk about lawn mowing.

Brought to you by mashed potatoes and dripping water.

Eric and Sean come across another podcaster locked in Bill Lawyerson's horrible torture dungeon! It's Reid Messerschmidt from The Irrationally Exuberant! A Podcast! But also art!

Mashed potatoes, Sue Messerschmidt, creaky snakes, Barnsville Potato Days, lactose ignorant, vegan farts, sextra credit... and that's not even the half of it.

Brought to you by a sinking realization that we're never getting out of this alive.

Huge thanks to Reid Messerschmidt for being on the podcast! And this week's podcast you should have been listening to instead of listening to this podcast is The Irrationally Exuberant Podcast with none-other-than Reid Messerschmidt! It's a brilliant podcast with short stories written and performed by Reid! I recommend you start with "Messerschmish", but you can do whatever you want. You're a whole human being with agency.

Eric and Sean are still trapped.

Brought to you by a downward spiral into craven lunacy.

Eric and Sean are tied to chairs.

Brought to you by rapidly encroaching madness.

Send help.


This week's podcast you should have been listening to instead of listening to this podcast is DING! Find them at ding.simplecast.com

Eric and Sean wake up in a dungeon.

Brought to you by the fever dreams of a madman.

Big thanks to Moemaw Naedon for the unreasonably hard track "The Other Side"! Get more track from his Bandcamp page!

March 21, 2020

Episode 114 - GnarLand

Doowop, Snakebite Bitten, Ronnie's Pendulous Titties, Dick Dangler the Taurcen, Poopdream, Chatters, #FakeNews and that's all!

Brought to you by Shuttercock, Granny P's Salad Cleanse, the Hop Nation USA podcast and Pitney and the Amelia's Bitchen Boutique podcast!

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February 23, 2020

Episode 113 - Joeiyankins

Ill Hoyertown, Corona, Cocoa Grease, other absurdities

Brought to you by the Reel Feels podcast, Nurple Mattress and Mt Avalanche Snakebite

Big thanks to Swampwalk for the use of their amazing song "The Lost" from their album "Kids Like Me"!


In a World where everyone is Tim Allen fucking Me Undies in a Gloria Estefan Hole with background music, where someone rubs hot, balled-up scrambled eggs on their retroboners, will there be a Podsmas Miracle?

Brought to you by Don Wrinkle's Santa Clause Experience Grease Kit and Mt Avalanche: Kwattro Krazy!

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November 27, 2019

Episode 111 - Pickled Cow

Sean and Eric somehow survived Spooky Steve's Shed. We've got yer Chambersburg, we've got yer Mouldnuts, we've got yer not cool bruh, we've got your Warren County Fair, we've got your 380 Auction, we've got yer much more!

Brought to you by Relaxicant, Settling Pines and the Drunk Netflix Reviews podcast!

Thanks once again to the inimitable REASUN for the use of their track "Patronus" featuring friend of the show Swampwalk and kidmental, with production by Glo Phase!

External hauntings, Paranormal Extracurricular Activities, this is Halloween, punkin' chunkin', adults with a budget, and Spooky Steve go bump in the night!

Brought to you by Moonkist Vampire Bite and Spooky Steve's Halloween Shed the Brook Reading Podcast and All the Horror 2019! Get spooky with other Halloween podcasts! Boo!

Spooky vignettes provided by Dungeon Sponge.

Bad rapping, who be you, see you Todd, vulture sounds, #fakenews.

This episode brought to you by Mt. Avalanche Tropical Flavor Tsunami Slam, Asbestos Flakes and 2 Young 4 This Hit on the We Can Make This Work (Probably) Network!

Big thanks once again to the ever talented John Dredge and the Plinths for the use of their new song "Idiots Run the World"! Go buy the Plinthsmania EP!

September 23, 2019

Episode 108 - Hearing ‘Nades

Eric and Sean drink beers in the shed and basically talk about old movies and video games for a while. Then, Sean has a Not Cool, Bruh. If you were expecting something else at this point, you must be listening to some other podcast...

This episode brought to you by Skeletor On Ice, Robobators and the always hilarious and entertaining Pitney & Amelia's Bitchen Boutique podcast!

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Anal Control. Can we just blink? Maggot-eye. Dana wins the Golden Crotchcumber!

Brought to you by Don Wrinkle's bullshit and some other equally shitty products... I'm done pretending these are viable or profitable commercials. Talk to Eric about it.

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Sean and Eric make it back to Pittsburgh, only to be waylaid by an old... man. Also! Su-su-sudio, a lucritive business plan, Old Man Chickens, an answering machine message from Mykahl from The What-If Podcast, two piggies and a horsey phone, napflix and chill, and yell-whispering!

Brought to you by Flail Mix, Dickblasters Stain Removal, and 2 Girls on a Bench

Special thanks to Motorvators for their rockin' song "Still Walking"! It ends like that on purpose. Go buy an album at motorvators1.bandcamp.com!


Eric and Sean find themselves stranded in a BallsMart parking lot when Basem from Turtle Power Pod comes upon them!

They explore the city, but what they find is themselves. And donuts. And electric scooters. And Weird Gross Chicken Finger Ranch Hands!

This episode brought to you by Drunk Netflix Reviews (iTunes | Podbean), Mr. Miracle's Pre-Digestive Enzyme Sprinkles and Turtle Nubs!

Turtle Power Pod on: iTunes | Libsyn | YouTube

Thanks to John Dredge and the Plinths for the use of their awesome new song, "Pancake Day"! Go buy the track, and their EP album at their Bandcamp page! Hey, the song is only 50p!

Eric and Sean continue piloting the airplane on their way back, they hope, to Pittsburgh. They have some things to get off their chests, so we jump straight into a Not Cool Bruh, and Sean gets super pissed. Can they get home safely? Will they run out of fuel? Can Sean land a plane after only having played video games!? No.

Brought to you by LensScratchers, Drunken Donuts and the Reel Feels podcast! (iTunes / Podbean)

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Eric and Sean are flying back to Pittsburgh, and they encounter some turbulence, some weirdos, some tiny bottles of liquor, a Gary, a drunk pilot, and some fake news. Sorry about all the background noise, we were literally definitely on an airplane and Sean didn't spend like hours editing in those sound effects like a moron, because that would be stupid.

Brought to you by Play Comics, Mt Avalanche Formaldehyde Fizz, and Turtle Nubs.

Thanks to Curse Words for their song "Future Bones"! Go buy an album at dontsaycursewords.bandcamp.com!

Eric and Sean continue reminiscing about the shittiest episodes of In Poor Taste! Tune in to be offended and appalled once again by our half-cocked jokes and subpar audio quality! Nostalgia!

Eric and Sean look back on the first 10 episodes of In Poor Taste and discuss all the really asinine callbacks that have built the mythology of stupidity that is our podcast.

December 21, 2018

Episode 100 - Sound Crimes

Eric and Sean take off on a grand voyage! It's the 100th episode!

Ian Insect, Davian Dent, Mandy and Ruth, Andrew Kennedy, Basem Hassen, Megan Hesse and Issa Wurie join us in the pod!

This is the longest episode ever of In Poor Taste. Strap in.

Huge thanks to Meeting of Important People for use of their new single "Under Sorry Skies (On the Boat)"! Look them up at www.meetingofimportantpeople.com and buy an album or three!

Our fellow podcaster guests were:

Davian Dent - Strange Times - www.strangetimesshow.com

and The Bitter Sound - http://www.thebittersound.com

Basem Hassen - Turtle Power Pod - https://turtlepowerpod.libsyn.com

Megan Hesse - Oh No! Lit Class - https://ohnolitclass.simplecast.fm

and Rolling Misadventures - https://rollingmisadventures.podbean.com

Issa Wurie - Young, Free and Coupled - https://www.youngfreeandcoupled.com

and Fears and Desires - http://hyperurl.co/28ygxm


Special thanks to the following podcasts: 

Turtle Power Pod - https://turtlepowerpod.libsyn.com

Nerktalkalypse - https://nerdtalkalypsepodcast.com

Podcast 42 - https://podcast42show.wordpress.com

Hop Nation USA - http://www.hopnationusa.com/

Rough Giraffe - https://roughgiraffe.podbean.com/


July 8, 2018

Episode 99 - Warning

Sean got a digital pod assistant installed in the pod, and he doesn't know how to use it. Crazy Dave's Grease Factory Warehouse Emporium, Google goggles, the ghost of podcat past, and then chaos.

This episode brought to you by Rabid Ron's Discount Vaccines Warehouse, Porky's Chilled Grease Truck, the More Gooder Than podcast (mgtpodcast.com), and the Invasion of the Remake (invasionoftheremake.libsyn.com) podcast!

Big thanks to Sean Faust for the use of his song "Signal"! Sean is also a host on the What Does It Matter podcast, so give it a listen!

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