In a World where everyone is Tim Allen fucking Me Undies in a Gloria Estefan Hole with background music, where someone rubs hot, balled-up scrambled eggs on their retroboners, will there be a Podsmas Miracle?

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November 27, 2019

Episode 111 - Pickled Cow

Sean and Eric somehow survived Spooky Steve's Shed. We've got yer Chambersburg, we've got yer Mouldnuts, we've got yer not cool bruh, we've got your Warren County Fair, we've got your 380 Auction, we've got yer much more!

Brought to you by Relaxicant, Settling Pines and the Drunk Netflix Reviews podcast!

Thanks once again to the inimitable REASUN for the use of their track "Patronus" featuring friend of the show Swampwalk and kidmental, with production by Glo Phase!

External hauntings, Paranormal Extracurricular Activities, this is Halloween, punkin' chunkin', adults with a budget, and Spooky Steve go bump in the night!

Brought to you by Moonkist Vampire Bite and Spooky Steve's Halloween Shed the Brook Reading Podcast and All the Horror 2019! Get spooky with other Halloween podcasts! Boo!

Spooky vignettes provided by Dungeon Sponge.

Bad rapping, who be you, see you Todd, vulture sounds, #fakenews.

This episode brought to you by Mt. Avalanche Tropical Flavor Tsunami Slam, Asbestos Flakes and 2 Young 4 This Hit on the We Can Make This Work (Probably) Network!

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September 23, 2019

Episode 108 - Hearing ‘Nades

Eric and Sean drink beers in the shed and basically talk about old movies and video games for a while. Then, Sean has a Not Cool, Bruh. If you were expecting something else at this point, you must be listening to some other podcast...

This episode brought to you by Skeletor On Ice, Robobators and the always hilarious and entertaining Pitney & Amelia's Bitchen Boutique podcast!

Big thanks to F.E.S. (Foreign Exchange Students) for the use of their track "Foreign"! Check them out on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube!

Anal Control. Can we just blink? Maggot-eye. Dana wins the Golden Crotchcumber!

Brought to you by Don Wrinkle's bullshit and some other equally shitty products... I'm done pretending these are viable or profitable commercials. Talk to Eric about it.

Big thanks to Curse Words for the use of their song "Infinity Second Keg Stand" from their upcoming album "Trash Planet Earth"! Keep an eye open for that one, it promises to kick ass like the rest of their stuff!

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Sean and Eric make it back to Pittsburgh, only to be waylaid by an old... man. Also! Su-su-sudio, a lucritive business plan, Old Man Chickens, an answering machine message from Mykahl from The What-If Podcast, two piggies and a horsey phone, napflix and chill, and yell-whispering!

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Eric and Sean find themselves stranded in a BallsMart parking lot when Basem from Turtle Power Pod comes upon them!

They explore the city, but what they find is themselves. And donuts. And electric scooters. And Weird Gross Chicken Finger Ranch Hands!

This episode brought to you by Drunk Netflix Reviews (iTunes | Podbean), Mr. Miracle's Pre-Digestive Enzyme Sprinkles and Turtle Nubs!

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Thanks to John Dredge and the Plinths for the use of their awesome new song, "Pancake Day"! Go buy the track, and their EP album at their Bandcamp page! Hey, the song is only 50p!

Eric and Sean continue piloting the airplane on their way back, they hope, to Pittsburgh. They have some things to get off their chests, so we jump straight into a Not Cool Bruh, and Sean gets super pissed. Can they get home safely? Will they run out of fuel? Can Sean land a plane after only having played video games!? No.

Brought to you by LensScratchers, Drunken Donuts and the Reel Feels podcast! (iTunes / Podbean)

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Eric and Sean are flying back to Pittsburgh, and they encounter some turbulence, some weirdos, some tiny bottles of liquor, a Gary, a drunk pilot, and some fake news. Sorry about all the background noise, we were literally definitely on an airplane and Sean didn't spend like hours editing in those sound effects like a moron, because that would be stupid.

Brought to you by Play Comics, Mt Avalanche Formaldehyde Fizz, and Turtle Nubs.

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Eric and Sean continue reminiscing about the shittiest episodes of In Poor Taste! Tune in to be offended and appalled once again by our half-cocked jokes and subpar audio quality! Nostalgia!

Eric and Sean look back on the first 10 episodes of In Poor Taste and discuss all the really asinine callbacks that have built the mythology of stupidity that is our podcast.

December 21, 2018

Episode 100 - Sound Crimes

Eric and Sean take off on a grand voyage! It's the 100th episode!

Ian Insect, Davian Dent, Mandy and Ruth, Andrew Kennedy, Basem Hassen, Megan Hesse and Issa Wurie join us in the pod!

This is the longest episode ever of In Poor Taste. Strap in.

Huge thanks to Meeting of Important People for use of their new single "Under Sorry Skies (On the Boat)"! Look them up at and buy an album or three!

Our fellow podcaster guests were:

Davian Dent - Strange Times -

and The Bitter Sound -

Basem Hassen - Turtle Power Pod -

Megan Hesse - Oh No! Lit Class -

and Rolling Misadventures -

Issa Wurie - Young, Free and Coupled -

and Fears and Desires -


Special thanks to the following podcasts: 

Turtle Power Pod -

Nerktalkalypse -

Podcast 42 -

Hop Nation USA -

Rough Giraffe -


July 8, 2018

Episode 99 - Warning

Sean got a digital pod assistant installed in the pod, and he doesn't know how to use it. Crazy Dave's Grease Factory Warehouse Emporium, Google goggles, the ghost of podcat past, and then chaos.

This episode brought to you by Rabid Ron's Discount Vaccines Warehouse, Porky's Chilled Grease Truck, the More Gooder Than podcast (, and the Invasion of the Remake ( podcast!

Big thanks to Sean Faust for the use of his song "Signal"! Sean is also a host on the What Does It Matter podcast, so give it a listen!

Deep dish. We stole a segment from the good good boys. 1-800-HotNReady. The sauciest boner. We listen in on a national pizza chain's marketing meeting. Side effects may include: terrible rapping. Fuck brick roads. Dual Seg. Bobpod Cats.

This episode brought to you by Lil Queasy's new ExtraMostAsbestos Pizza, The Reel Feels Podcast ( | @ReelFeelsPod on Twitter | @reelfeelspodcast on Instagram), The LadySh!t with Lily and Britt podcast ( | @ladyshit_pod on Twitter | @ladyshit_pod on Instagram), and Smegmavision!

Friend of the pod, Reason hooked us up with his new track, "Teacher's Lounge (feat. LKHD)"! It's a love letter to his girlfriend, with a R&B feel to it. Super sweet, and great lyrics as always! Get over to and buy an album!

Stephen Cranston, AKA Cranny, AKA Krang Master Flash from the hilarious podcast Turtle Power Pod, shows up in the pod! We Dino-Ride or Die! Then, Church the Cat zooms! Then, Trump interrupts! Then, there's a Krang-Off!

This episode brought to you by My Little Tony, Turtle Power Pod, and Technodrome Hut!

Thanks again to The Desert Beats for another awesome song "Wolfman is Here"! Buy an album at!

Action League Now! DVE Morning Show! Lengthy Ropey Log! Ceiling Dome! SDKFs! A Drip Drop Happening! Greasy Salesman! It's a Steal at Twice the Price! Do You Know What I Mean!?

This episode brought to you by SandalSpork, 2PodsADay, YouthWorm, and the Vinyl Emergency podcast!

Big thanks to #2PodsADay for featuring us this month! Go listen to more indie podcasts at

We're psyched to once again feature LEFTFIELD, this time a sick Sci-Fi inspired track called "Dark Matter feat. Moemaw Naedon". Set your phasers to groove. Buy their album at, and you'll reach a higher consciousness.

Eric and Sean review the commercials contract. We ask: what would you do with $18,000? My wife left me in the future? Haptic buttplug? Monkey off my back? Fully Satin Jacket? Casette Tapes? Squirrel Porn? Mutant League Football? A Cool Cat Reviews?

Shoutouts to The Firnecast and The Pod Couple podcasts! Thanks for your continued support of our show, keep being hilarious and awesome!

This episode brought to you by Smegmavision, UndiesParker, The Work/Life Imbalance Podcast, and Toon In Pod!

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"The Plinths cannot be gainsayed," says Dredge, although nobody is quite sure what he means.

'The Emergency EP' is available on iTunes, Amazon, and all download sites, as well as directly from the band via their Bandcamp site Watch the video for "Going Down" at!

Megan Hesse from the Oh No! Lit Class podcast graces us with her charming presence! Is that not enough for you people!? Fine, we also discuss penny tacos, rice-o-ranchy, Taco Bell, gamesofts, inspirational posters, the large football festival, hello scream, the endangered Hesse, Dolla Dolla Make Me Holla Dolla Bush, Whirling Derbist and other!

This episode brought to you by Granny P's Stained Apron, Mt Avalanche Black Ice, The What If podcast and Hop Nation USA!

Big thanks to Best Day for their killer tracks "Old Humoresque of a Man" and "Sky Zone"! If you want custom beats, or just want to check out more of their stuff, find them at!

In the beginwith there were Pre-filled checks! The second list item is "Yes-And"! Armpit sweat drips! Flat Earthers! axle rod grease covered fingers! Beef Biproduct! Every week it's this! He's heating up, mon! The 4 Horse Dogs of the Apocaliss! Eric wins a rap battle! Why did we keep doing this!?

Shout outs to Breakers Podcast, Strange Times, Rough Giraffe and Young, Free and Coupled!

Promos for Dudes With Brews on a Porch and Murderous Minors!

Our hard-as-fuck featured track is "A Better Way" by Greywalker! Buy an album here:!

February 22, 2018

Episode 92 - Outbacula

Stacey from the Rough Giraffe podcast joins us in the pod, and teaches Sean and Eric a lot about Fish and Chips at the seaside! We also discuss Kipper the Wonky Cat, Mum, Belle the Lovely Dog, Sexpack Ring Magazine, train wanking truggers, dodgeball extreme, Eric is impervious to bullying, You've Offended My Ears, River Hour, put an icy ring around, Rulon Gusk, bumming around being a doctor, allergic to vinegar, mushy peas, Seaside Fish and Chip Podcast.

Brought to you by, Loc-O's, Baby in the Street 2048, and the podcasts Second Acts and X-Minutes!

Huge thanks to the fantastic band Sedgewick for the use of their song "To Fold" from their new album "Collapse"! I have listened to the album several times in the past week, and every song is fantastic. Definitely grab their album at, and follow them on Twitter (@sedgewickband) and Insta (@sedgewickmusic)!

Here's what Jake had to say about the song:

[It] encapsulates a lot of the themes on Collapse for me. There's a yearning and optimistic energy coupled with a sense of courage to enter into the darker feelings. Ultimately the story of Collapse is the story of resignation then acceptance, accepting what you cannot change is the only place you can ever really grow from.

We had a few audio issues on this episode, so you might hear what sounds like a distant radio, but that's just because the radio was on in the pod. We forgot to turn it off! It's definitely NOT the sounds of our headphones getting into our microphones. Whatever gave you that idea!? THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL PODCAST.

Two old men broke into the pod somehow... Cleveland Brown's cousin, Cincinnati Brown, reverse insulation, Daisony, Richard B Flippins, meanman. Warning, this episode contains vile language, such as the word... *poopy*. I apologize.

This episode brought to you by Drumsticks Drumsticks, Napeine, The Brothers Binge, and American Slackers!

Muchas gracias a Reeds por su cancion muy bonita "Rimming" del album "Tú Me Descompones". Ve a para esuchar más, y comprar sus álbumes!

Friend of the show, Jo, joins us! We joke and laugh in a very podcast-like fashion! Smoke pipes, drug reasons, crocigators, allodiles, Tikkiny Gahbij, slam guzzling, beer salt pretzels, and sundry!

This episode brought to you by eHamony, Old Grand Pappy's Whiskey, Bakedables, Trivia Geeks Live, and Oh No! Lit Class!

Big thanks to Apocrypha for letting us feature their gnarly song "Why (do I let you breathe)"! Go buy their music at and like them on Facebook at!

January 23, 2018

Episode 89 - Bunch of Lugers, Mexican fireworks, a bunch of lugers, sledding stories, gunbomb. And if you were expecting more than that from this podcast, obviously you've never listened before. So, welcome, new listener!

This episode brought to you by Duopoly, Mountain Avalanche Antifreeze 2.0, The Sometimes Geek Podcast ( and Pop Culture Cosmos!

Special thanks to Final Hour for letting us feature their song "This Time of Night"! Go buy their music at!

December 28, 2017

Episode 88 - Bring Wicked Back

Issa Ulhuru-Wurie from the Young, Free and Coupled podcast ( joins us in the pod as officially our first full-episode, long-distance guest all the way from sunny London! He's a multi-dasher! Let's hope he doesn't leave after the commercials, my god.

Sean has some presents for Eric! Also, we discuss innit, short for Warrior, Charles III of Whittington, Stone British, Monongahela River Water Beer, Uranium-Crotch, you're on your dozen off, lads!

This episode brought to you by CrockPocket,, the BrainTrust Bros. Podcast and the C&C Geekcast!

Thanks to DeeJ Penhollow for letting us feature his awesomely hilarious song "Spoiled Brat" from his album "A Very DeeJ Christmas Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition)"! Go grab a free copy of the album at

DeeJ is the cohost of the nerdtastic podcast Nerdtalkalypse which can be found at! It's always an entertaining listen, so subscribe immediately!

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